Horticultural Vinegar
Supplemental Info

20% Acetic Acid

Non synthetic white distilled vinegar


1. Made by the acetous fermentation of ethyl alcohol (made from grain) containing 20% acetic acid (200 grain food grade vinegar). Yucca Extract (food grade Yucca Schidigera), a soapy carbohydrate, has been added as a natural surfactant/ penetrating agent. Available without Yucca on special order.

2. Half Life in the open environment: Approximately 30 minutes.

3. Kosher: The components, both vinegar and yucca, come from Kosher certified sources.

4. Many uses as an acidifying agent. Non synthetic vinegars are classed as a Crop Protection Tool and Production Aid. Some uses include but are not limited to:

  • pH modification of water and soil
  • Drip irrigation line and hydroponic equipment cleaner
  • Clean brick/ stone patios and driveways
  • Liquid organic fertilizer stabilizer (via lower pH)
  • and general cleaner/ sanitizer for greenhouses, hothouses and solariums

A 1:1 mix ratio with water is usually adequate. Use full strength for heavy-duty jobs.

5. This product is NOT OMRI Listed. Non Synthetic Vinegars are allowed per the OMRI Generic Materials manual. Consult your certifying agent for permitted uses.

6. Although many folks, especially in the organic culture, have historically used strong vinegars to abate vegetation growth, be advised that Acetic Acids of 8% or less when characterized as an inert ingredient, in a mixture, are exempt from registration by the EPA as a pesticide under EPA “Minimum Risk Pesticide” FIFRA 25B, List 4A. Thus this product( at 20% acidity) is not to be labeled, marketed or characterized in any way as having any herbicidal virtues.

7. Use caution (rubber gloves and goggles) when handling.

8. Use on calm days to prevent drift.

9. Rinse equipment (metal) and area (masonry) sprayed to prevent etching.