Bradfield Natural Fertilizers - a premier line of natural fertilizers for lawns, vegetable, herb and flower gardens, roses and commercial landscapes, gardens, farms and golf courses.

Bradfield Natural Fertilizers

   ...are all purpose, all season fertilizers. Safe around children and pets. Environmentally friendly. Non-polluting of our surface and ground waters. Bradfield Natural Fertilizers are made from a rich nutrient blend of alfalfa and other natural ingredients in various combinations of the following:

High protein, high brix and has many major and minor nutrient elements including amino acids. Contains the natural root stimulant TRIACONTANOL.

A natural sulfur/potassium product dehydrated from the Great Salt Lake. Essential for strong, healthy plants

A carbohydrate. Feeds nature's essential and beneficial microbes.

Leonardite 65%-75% Humic Acid. Many virtues including improved efficiency of nutrient up take and eliminates soil compaction.

A rich nutrient source containing many major and minor nutrient elements.

And other natural grain, plant, and mined mineral components.

No manures or sludges.

Bradfield's other natural products:

Bradfield's 9-0-0
Corn Gluten Meal (60% Protein) is a slow releasing nitrogen rich fertilizer that is completely safe around people, pets and all life in and around the soil. Comes in 40lb. bag

20 % acetic acid
Many uses as an acidifying agent Product made by the acetous fermentation of ethyl alcohol (made from grain) containing 20% acetic acid (200 grain food grade vinegar). Yucca Extract (food grade Yucca Schidigera), a sticky carbohydrate substance, has been added as a natural surfactant.

Available in gallons and 55 gallon drums.

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